Top Ten Characters We’d Like To See In Young Justice Season 3


With Young Justice set to return for a highly anticipated third season, there are all sorts of storylines and plots that need resolution, while possibly opening up new ones and with new storylines, come new characters. The beauty about Young Justice, is that it has never shied away from showcasing characters from every corner of the DC Universe.

The following is a list of characters that we’d love to see make an appearance in some capacity in the upcoming season, and possibly subsequent seasons.


To the surprise of many, Young Justice showcased 3 of the top 4 characters. The addition of Hardware, who served as one of Static’s mentors in the comics, would complete the quartet, and make for interesting stories involving technology.

Ravager & Jericho

Deathstroke had made his introduction midway through Season 2, along with a hint of his agenda. This indicated that the character would stick around for some time to come, and it only makes sense that the children of Slade Wilson would not be far behind. With both characters having comic book history with the Teen Titans, upon whom the animated version of Young Justice is heavily based, their addition to the show would make for interesting tension, both between their father, and to the Team.

Cyborg, Raven & Starfire

Three characters that have been lynch pins of the Teen Titans in any iteration, and one has to wonder why we’d not seen them show up in Young Justice up to this point. As Beast Boy (another Teen Titans character) has already made his debut in Season 2, it would stand to reason that these other Titans alumni would not be far behind.


Hey, why not? Magic has been prominently featured all throughout the entire Young Justice series, and no one embodies magic more than the Petty Conjurer. Historically, John Constantine has romantic connections to fellow mage Zatanna; even though Zatana was essentially de-aged in Young Justice continuity, The show is notorious for doing huge jumps in time, so perhaps Zatanna is older when we see her again. Or, who knows, perhaps Constantine could be younger? Either way, with his multimedia presence at an all time high, I don’t think anyone would begrudge the Dabbler of the Dark Arts from showing up on the show. And then to add icing on the cake, I’m sure no one would begrudge Matt Ryan, if he were to voice the role.

The Marvel Family

No, not that one. We’ve already seen Captain Marvel (will he be dubbed ‘Shazam’ for the show?) make his presence known on the show, and since Mary Batson and Freddie Freeman are both children/teens, what better place for them to show up? Also, Freddie’s alter ego, Captain Marvel Jr., has history with both Young Justice as well as Teen Titans in the comics, so it’s more than feasible for either of these characters to make an appearance.

Gen 13 Characters

The New 52 set the precedent that both Wildstorm and Milestone characters would become fully integrated into the publishing side of the DC Universe, with many of the Gen 13 characters (Wildstorm’s team of young heroes) interacting with the teen heroes of DC proper. Most notable are Caitlin Fairchild and Grunge, both of whom have had interactions with Superboy in the comics. Adding Gen 13 to the show would be an excellent way to showcase these characters and give them some much needed exposure.

Speedy (Mia Dearden) & Connor Hawke

When we left off last season, the Team seemed to have been without an archer. Artemis had retired her archer role, and moved on to being Tigress full time. Red Arrow (Roy Harper) only had loose affiliations with the team, and had since joined the Justice League proper. Arsenal (also Roy Harper; watch the first two seasons for the details. But if you’re not up on what happened, then you probably don’t need to be reading this) had even less affiliations. But those were not the only teen archers in DC history, nor is it the only one to adopt the name ‘Speedy’. Mia Dearden donned the name in the comics, and was among the most beloved of all ‘Team Arrow’ characters. Connor received his notoriety from being Oliver Queen’s actual son in the comics, and proved to be an even more accomplished archer than his father. Either one (or both) of these characters would make an excellent addition to the show.

Stargirl & S.T.R.I.P.E.

It would seem peculiar, that Courtney Whitmore has been on every major DC team, EXCEPT the Teen Titans or Young Justice. Which is rather peculiar, given that nearly all young heroes have been on the Titans roster at some point in their careers. As a legacy character, it only seems fitting that she should show up on Young Justice at some point. It would also be a perfect opportunity to bring in her stepfather, STRIPE.

Donna Troy

Very little has been said about the Amazons on Young Justice. In fact, Wonder Woman herself has had very little screen time on the show, since its inception. This is all the more highlighted by the fact that Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) was introduced during Season 2, and while her appearances were exciting, they left very little in the way of backstory. That could possibly be remedied by the introduction of Donna Troy, who is not only an Amazon legacy character in her own right, but is also a Titans Alumnus. Also, aside from a couple of DC Nation animated shorts, Donna has never been in animated form.


Yet another character whose profile has been raised in recent years, the addition of Kara to Young Justice seems like a no-brainer. Supergirl’s introduction would open up story possibilities, not only for Superman himself, but also for Superboy. How would he react to yet another Kryptonian, with their full power set? Would jealousy ensue, if Kal takes to Kara quicker, and more than he does to Connor? The possibilities are endless.


So, Young Justice fans: what do you think of our list? Who would you like to see show up in Season 3 of Young Justice? Let us know in the comments below.

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