Vixen Episode 1 – Review

Vixen - Episode 1 (2015)


In this short Mari McCabe, who was put up for adoption returns home to Moror City after being on a trip to find her biological parents, what she finds is a family heirloom that gives her the ability to change her strength, speed, senses and more according to the powerful animal spirit she summons from her amulet as she becomes Vixen.

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As reported the first episode of the new Arrow/The Flash spinoff Vixen has made its way online through CW Seed, an online site connected to the The CW Network.

While I was disappointed in the 5 minute run time, that didn’t keep me from being interested more in the character as I have little knowledge of the character before writing about her for Before that I had only seen her in stuff like Justice League: Unlimited (voiced by Gina Torres)

Director: James Tucker

Writers: Wendy Mericle, Keto Shimizu, Brian Ford Sullivan, Lauren Certo

Cast: Neil Flynn as Chuck, Kevin Michael Richardson as D.O.C Guard, Fred Tatasciore as Police Sergeant.

NOTE: The credits feature more credits, but I only included who is actually in the episode.


The animation is amazing, animation for me lately is on and off in terms of good, usually to get me invested the story has to be good(Batman Vs Robin)otherwise if the animation and story are bad you get something like Son of Batman. The action from what we get is also great, I like the addition of both the Arrow and The Flash theme music when the episode opens. Voice acting is done very well too, thought for a second it was another Andrea Romano voiced production, but it is not. As for story, well we only get less than 5 minutes, which for the short time we get we get to know a bit about the character, but I am guessing this series will be best watched after all the episodes are done for the season. However, we here at will watch each one as it premieres. The one thing that I wanted to know though is when in the timeline does this take place? It appears that The Flash has the costume he will get in Season 2, but this episode is airing now. All in all not a bad start, 4 out of 5

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