Wildstorm/Dynamite’s The Boys Currently In Development


Birth Movies Death website had announced that the duo of Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, who had recently bought to life the DC Comics imprint Vertigo title Preacher for AMC, was currently shopping around to develop an adaptation for the Wildstorm/Dynamite comic book series The Boys with Eric Kripke (Supernatural).

Well it seems like that news is very much true as Seth Rogan himself confirmed it to me over Twitter.

Wildstorm comics was bought out by DC Comics in 1999, until it was shut down and later revamped as part of the New 52.

DC who had used Wildstorm as an imprint, similar to Vertigo, canceled The Boys series in January of 2007 after 5 issues, but decided to revert the rights back to the creators Garth Ennis (who also created Preacher) and Darik Robertson.

They continued making more stories through Dynamite comics in February of 2007 and the series lasted for 5 issues under DC Comics, which is why we are here reporting on it.

Are you looking forward to this new potential adaptation? Are you going to wait to see how they adapt Preacher before getting excited?

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