Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Second Trailer May Premiere on December 18th or 25th


We have just found out the possible date in which the next Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer may hit the theaters, playing before Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens on December 18th and along with the Point Break remake on December 25th.

This new comes from The Projection List (thanks to a user on Facebook who pointed it out), a site that has been known to reveal when trailers may hit, however it is important to note the site says it is not a set schedule and could change, thus why the title of this article has two dates as possible premiere dates.

Why I think it maybe Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens:

This makes the most sense to me as it not only will be played alongside a huge mass audience due to the popularity of the Star Wars franchise but the trailer to this film is debated to be just as anticipated as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Why I thin it could be Point Break:

It’s a Warner Bros. film, so that alone makes sense and while its 2015 and people rarely go to the movies just to see trailers it could very well help with the box office as being a remake alone means it may struggle in the box office. I doubt though this will be when it premieres but I do think it will have the trailer.

Again I say keep in mind neither film may end up with the trailer, but this goes with what has been known that we would see a new trailer by the end of the year and two weeks before 2016 is the end of the year.

Eric Curto
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