Will Flashpoint Become the Justice League Sequel?


Since the announcement at San Diego Comic Con 2017 that we’re getting a Flashpoint film for The Flash’s solo film, it’s been on my mind that– “What if this is the Justice League 2 film?”

Now hear me out, as many are rightfully assuming that Flashpoint is the solo Flash film, but here is why I still feel strongly that we’re actually getting Justice League: Flashpoint.

1. The Flashpoint story written by Geoff Johns centers on Barry Allen and the consequences that come with changing the timeline after saving his mother from her death. However, the film also features heavily all the Justice League members, Superman, Batman (Thomas Wayne), Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, even Billy Batson aka Shazam as this is where the hell on Earth’s shown forcing Barry to try to find a way to restore the universe as it was instead of leaving it the way it is and having his mother alive. The film will definitely have to be adapted in a way that works for a decent run-time, so some elements will get removed or altered but with Geoff Johns in charge of the DC Films Universe, I don’t think there will be much taken out.

2. J.K. Simmons recently said in an interview with Total Film Magazine that the Justice League sequel was being worked on, what if this is the Flashpoint film? The Justice League sequel was delayed to allow Zack Snyder to have a break in between DC Films to work on small projects and with the recent change in his life, more changes would’ve happened to the actual film.

3. We already got an animated adaptation of the story, which itself was titled Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, in this adaptation, much of the side stories with Cyborg and the resistance was removed, but the core story was still there and still featured the members of the Justice League.

Now if it does turn out that Flashpoint is the Justice League sequel than when will we get a solo Flash film?

Eric Curto
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