Wonder Woman May Have Found Its Director in Patty Jenkins


It was reported earlier that Michelle MacLaren and Warner Bros. had parted ways on the Wonder Woman film due to creative differences and many felt discouraged by this news, fearing this may set the new DC Cinematic Universe back.

However The Hollywood Reporter is now confirming that Warner Bros. has found its new director and that is Patty Jenkins, another director who has worked on shows like The Killing and most famously Monster with Charlize Theron and was the original director for Thor: The Dark World for similar reasons to MacLaren was replaced by Alan Taylor.

It is important to note that Warner Bros. has yet to confirm this, but usually when news stories of a departing director occurs so close to the expected start date of filming which is rumored to be in November of this year, and the fact that casting for Wonder Woman has continued to move forward it usually means they already found a replacement, which is a smart move as it shows Warner Bros. is making this new universe as its number one priority.

It also shows that Warner Bros. is very determined to keep the tone of the story in the eyes of a woman director and that is encouraging as well.

It was also rumored today by Collider before this news broke that Angelina Jolie was in talks as well but the article has since been updated due to the Patty Jenkins story.

Personally I have yet to see any films by Angelina Jolie, but love what I have seen from Patty Jenkins as it fits the expected tone of the DCCU and will add in her resume for bringing her into the action genre in the same way James Wan successfully and miraculously made the Furious films amazing.

Either way it’s great to know Warner Bros. will not be deterred by a few roadblocks.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Eric Curto
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