Wonder Woman vs Superman Storyboards from Justice League: Mortal


We’ve been posting quite a bit of storyboards, since it was announced that a new documentary about the collapse of what would have been George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal was in development.

Recently Steve Skroce, the man who worked on the storyboard art for what would have appeared on screen decided to share some photos on his Facebook of a fight that would have pitted Superman (under mind control) fighting Wonder Woman, while not too thrilled with the idea of a mind control Superman, it might have worked within the context of the film. Its a shame this film never got made, but maybe this will encourage Warner Bros. to rehire George Miller for another DC project. He is currently making Warner Bros. a lot of money with Mad Max: Fury Road and he will be working for Warner Bros. for the foreseeable future, so its not out of the realm of possibilities.

Double post day!I'm seeing a lot of art from the cancelled George Miller Justice League film so here's a few boards…

Posted by Steve Skroce on Sunday, May 31, 2015

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