Wonder Woman World War II Film Confirmed and Suicide Squad Rated R?


Nerdist gave us a reaction video with Dan Casey where not only did he praise the footage we got today for 2016’s DC slate of movies, but gave us a bit mention of the concept artwork, which included a World War II period of Wonder Woman teased. This has been rumored for a long while now that the film could be a period piece and it looks like it could be true.

He also went on to say that from the footage and the quote David Ayer said about the traditional superhero film is tired and we need to see a film where Bad vs Evil that this could be hinting at Suicide Squad being Rated R. I already wrote an article stating I believe this will be Rated R, so its cool to see someone else is thinking the same way, but thinking it because he has more reason to believe it.

Of course this has not been confirmed as the case but if what he said is true all we need now is a yes or no from Warner Bros.

Eric Curto
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