Y: The Last Man is Headed to FX


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Y: The Last Man, a title by the DC Comics imprint Vertigo, is finally going into development after spending years failing to go beyond a concept.

At one point Preacher creators Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg had expressed interest in developing the series if AMC decided not to pick up Preacher. Seeing as that has not happened Y: The Last Man creator Brian K. Vaughn has decided to take it upon himself along with FX and FX Production to bring his comic series to television screens.

The Hollywood Reporter also states that Vaughn is currently shopping around for a writer to develop the scripts with, so at the moment its in early development.

The concept of the series has similar premise to FOX’s other series “The Last Man on Earth” which has been successful on FX’s parent network. Yorick Brown is the last living Y chromosome mammal left on Earth, with the exception of his monkey Ampersand

The comic series rights were with New Line Cinema with the idea of David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight Trilogy), Carl Ellsworth, D.J. Caruso adapting it into a trilogy of films, New Line only wanting to commit to two films ran into some more issues with writers leaving and in 2012 once again almost having the film set to begin development, but as of September of 2014 the rights reverted back to Vaughn.

With the recent news that FOX will be having 4 comic book shows, two of which are DC properties Gotham, Lucifer and now the possibility that they will also be getting another comic series onto their cable network is exciting thought to think about with shows like American Horror Story and The Americans already giving the network a huge fan-base, it would be exciting to see the exposure this property can get from it.

For more information check out The Hollywood Reporter article for complete details.

Eric Curto
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