Ben Affleck Welcomes Matt Reeves to The Batman


The DC Extended Universe has been receiving some great news, first Matt Reeves is officially directing The Batman and then Chris McKay is now in talks to direct a Nightwing movie, with The Accountant writer Bill Dubuque involved in writing the script.

So how do some of these news sites react to this news? They have begun trying to find ways to make it negative, with the most used theory suggesting Ben Affleck is no longer going to be in the film, with headlines such as “Is Ben Affleck Out?” making their ways around online.

These headlines began because there was no mention of Affleck in the Matt Reeves announcement. This means nothing as the news was about the new director. They also didn’t mention writer Chris Terrio or DC Films heads Jon Berg or Geoff Johns, but for some reason they found the need to speculate and try to spin the news from positive to negative.

Justin Kroll, writer from Variety and the one who first mentioned that Matt Reeves was still a top contender to direct The Batman, when it was announced the talks had broken down, has gone to Twitter to put an end to the idea that Affleck may be out. He even says Affleck may let people know what’s going on soon.

Sure enough after Justin Kroll said Affleck would confirm he is returning to the role, Affleck welcomes Matt Reeves to the Batcave.

Geoff Johns also confirmed it as well as his commitment, since the same news sites also speculated he might be out as well.

Matt Reeves went on to reply to Affleck’s welcome

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