Cameron Monaghan On Set of Gotham in Straight Jacket


Cameron Monaghan surprised audiences in Season 1 of Gotham in the episode “The Blind Fortune Teller” as Jerome, a psychopath that many believe is the future Joker, while it has yet to be confirmed he certainly wowed everyone with his Joker-like maniacal laugh and piercing stare.

Now it appears Gotham Season 2 has given us a glimpse of where his character is now. I would certainly not mind if he does turn out to be The Joker as he did a great job in his role.

We also got a bunch of new pictures featuring guest stars and what appears to be a possible SPOILER to how he gets free, you can view those photos over at Just Jared.

Cameron Monaghan also has gone to his Instagram to give us fans a bit of a Joker tease.

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