DC Television “Invasion” Crossover Event Proves to be a Huge Success


Last week The CW had their four night crossover event with all their major DC television shows taking on The Dominators. Supergirl technically started the event in the closing moments, The Flash started the full story, full speed ahead with both Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow following afterwards, each focusing on their respective shows main characters but having the other shows joining in.

And according to TV Line, all four shows showed a boost in the ratings, with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow having its first really huge night and Arrow having their biggest night in awhile.

 Supergirl 3.5 mil (+33%), 1.1 (+20% week-to-week) — FINALS
The Flash 4.2 mil (+40%), 1.5 (+36%) — FINALS
Arrow 3.5 mil (+84%), 1.3 (+86%)
Legends of Tomorrow 3.33 mil (+80%), 1.1 (+83%)

With these numbers it’s a sure bet that the writers are already discussing next years major crossover event.

Eric Curto
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