Geoff Johns Confirms Joe Manganiello Cast as Deathstroke


Geoff Johns, who is the co-writer on The Batman, has confirmed in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that Joe Manganiello is in fact playing the role of Deathstroke.

It is also being said that he will be the main villain in The Batman, but no word on whether he will appear in Justice League.

 Ben Affleck shared a short video with Deathstroke, teasing the villains appearance in the DC Extended Universe. Joe Manganiello has been in London recently, while this could be simply wardrobe testing, its more than likely for a cameo for Justice League.

Manganiello was rumored to have tested for the role for David Ayer in Suicide Squad. This also happened to be around the time Affleck was on set, so more than likely the audition did happen, but it wasn’t for Suicide Squad, but for the overall DC Extended Universe.

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke had become a fan favorite in the animated series Teen Titans, voiced by Ron Perlman (Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, Batman: The Animated Series), he was also voiced by Wentworth Miller (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) on Young Justice. Deathstroke was recently made even more popular on Arrow and was played by Manu Bennett (he was played earlier in the series by Jeffery C. Robinson). He has also appeared in live action form with Antonio Sabato Jr. playing a new take on the character on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Michael Hogan playing the role on Smallville.

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