George Miller Says It’s Probably Not True He’s Directing Man of Steel 2

We’ve reported a few times in which it was rumored and speculated that Mad Max creator George Miller may or may not be attached to direct a DC Extended Universe film and that film may or may not be Man of Steel 2, we even had a source close to both George Miller and Warner Bros. information us that Miller is not involved in either case.

While we hope he does eventually attach himself to one of the films here is what the man had to say when being interviewed by Digital Spy about his newest film Mad Max: Fury Road, he even discusses his thoughts on the Justice League: Mortal film, the fact he has been in discussion about doing a DC film and his thoughts on comic book movies in general.

There’s been rumors that you might do Man of Steel 2, probably not true, that’s something you’ve had conventions with Warner Bros. about?

“There’s been some of that in the mix, but I would say probably not true. I was going to do a Justice League movie, that fell through in 2009.”

Are you DC or Marvel kid?

“I grew up in an era that was mainly DC, so they are the pantheon for me.”

Do you like what Zack Snyder has done Henry Cavill Superman and where they’re doing?

I’ve seen them, but I’ve obviously haven’t seen the latest Batman, Superman. I love his work.

Eric Curto
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