Georgina Campbell Cast as Lyta Zod on Krypton


Deadline is reporting that the Syfy television series Krypton, has found its leading lady in British actress Georgina Campbell, who’ll be playing the role of Lyta Zod on the series.

Campbell’s Lyta Zod is a member of Krypton’s military caste and the daughter of a general, Alura Zod. Lyta Zod serves as a cadet — and has also been having a clandestine, forbidden romance with Seg-El (not cast yet).

In the character description it sounds as thought Alura-Zod who is future mother to both Jor-El (Superman’s father) and Zor-El (Supergirl’s father) in the comics will serve as the mother to Lyta Zod, who in turn could become the grandmother to the super cousins.

It was already confirmed by David S. Goyer that this series will connect with the DC Extended Universe, so it’ll be interesting to see how they keep the continuity.

The news also points out that the pilot script was written by David S. Goyer (Man of Steel) and Ian Goldberg (Once Upon A Time, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and will be directed by co-executive producer Colm McCarthy (Sherlock) and will be filmed in Serbia.


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