Greg Berlanti Discusses Why He Almost Passed on DC Television


After the series finale of Smallville, many fans were wondering when the next DC Comics television series would arrive. Birds of Prey had come and gone quickly, Aquaman / Mercy Reef never got passed the pilot and even a Dick Grayson origin series called Grayson and a Wonder Woman series called Amazon were considered as series. There were rumblings of Smallville spin-offs of The Flash, Justice League, Supergirl and even Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow, none of which ever materialized.

Then came Greg Berlanti, who presented us with Arrow and the world that is now taken up most of The CW’s time slots such as The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and DC imprint iZombie, not to mention Vixen on CW Seed.

Well according to an interview with Vulture, Greg Berlanti almost turned down the offer to create what is now referred to by fans as the “Arrowverse” or simply “Berlanti-verse”. He explains that it was a hesitation because of what Warner Bros. had done with his original vision for the Green Lantern film in 2011 and how he felt it was important to have more control than he did on that film.

But things didn’t go well for that script. The eventual movie warped it pretty insanely out of shape and the movie flopped. What did you learn from theGreen Lantern experience?

“That I would rather make my own mistakes and learn from them than have other people take the material. If you’re not executing it, if you’re not there, not everybody can know what’s in your head. The devil is in the details, whether it’s in a piece of casting or whether it’s an action scene being representative of the character. So when I eventually got back to Warner Bros. after Green Lantern, they said, “Well, you’ve worked on DC material before. Do you want to make a DC show?” I was hesitant.”

Read the full interview where he discusses his career, childhood as a comic book fan, casting Jimmy Olsen and more on Vulture or in the September issue of New York Magazine.

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