Is the Kevin Smith Episode of The Flash Taking Place in Earth-2?


As we reported, Kevin Smith had announced that he would be directing an season 3 episode of The Flash starting next week, in which Smith today has confirmed he has arrived in Vancouver, even running into Grant Gustin on the flight there.

With his announcement of his arrival, Smith hinted at a possible tease as to where his episode will take place. In the photo, we see he is with a memorial statue of Jay Garrick’s The Flash. In the previous season the Earth-2 version of The Flash had been killed, so it’s not a stretch to think the city, without knowledge of the truth would erect a statue in his name.

Now its quite possible he is just on the set and taking pictures to show he is there, since they build sets and leave them there during the seasons run. But it’s still a fun thought that we may get to see his take on the Earth-2 characters.

Eric Curto
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