HBO’s Watchmen Television Series is Now in Pre-Production


Damon Lindelof who’s been very vocal in his love for the Alan Moore story of Watchmen, as well as Zack Snyder’s film adaptation of the graphic novel, has shared on his Instagram that he is now in pre-production on the television adaptation of Watchmen that will air on HBO.

The Watchmen series has gone through several stages of development since it was announced a couple of years ago, with Zack Snyder originally going to Produce the series before leaving the project later on.

Aside from the 12 issue series by Alan Moore, DC Comics has released the series of stories called “Before Watchmen” which chronicled each character before the events of the Alan Moore book. Recently Geoff Johns in his DC Universe Rebirth One-Shot teased the return of the Watchmen in the DC Universe, which will culminate in the year-long series “Doomsday Clock” beginning in November 2017.

Could this new series connect itself to any of the DC Productions in TV or films? It’s a possibility.

Eric Curto
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