Is The World Ready For A DC Network?


You’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard the news by now, that AT&T is purchasing Time Warner, the parent company for DC Entertainment, HBO, and a host of other networks and properties.

As it was reported, the merger hopes to marry AT&T’s telecomm logistics, with Time Warner’s premium content.

In addition, Warner Bros. Studios President Kevin Tsujihara recently hinted at the idea of the AT&T/Warner Bros. merger creating the opportunity for “Netflix type DC shows” .

With that news, it got me to doing all kinds of thinking; what impact (if any) would such a merger have on our beloved DC? Well, the more well-informed word around the internet, is that it would have little to none, as least on the creative side. But it got me thinking a bit more: what about other aspects?In addition to all things DC-related, both my wife and I are WWE fans. As such, we’ve been subscribers to the WWE Network for quite some time now. We watch the main weekly wrestling shows, and a few of the PPV’s on the network. The beauty about the WWE Network, is the value for the price; WWE boasts “6000 hrs of programming”, all for the low, low price of $9.99. When you divide that up by the number of days in a year, there’s not enough hours in the day to watch even a fraction of their content. We often have trouble keeping up with the main weekly content that we do watch.
Which brings me back to Warner Bros… Would the AT&T merger make this the perfect time to create a DC Network?Now granted, DC does not (yet) possess 6000 hours of programming, but it does possess a massive library of animation, live action TV, and a steadily growing film content.Films

DC’s film content is some of the oldest of all comics-related IP’s. Dating back to the early 40’s, there have been DC (under its various imprints)films consistently produced at least once a decade, all the way to the present day. I count over 100 hours of DC-related film content.

Live Action TV

Like their film library, DC’s TV content outnumbers any single IP in TV history. In this history, DC has showcased a wide array of DC’s properties. I put a rough estimate of over 1000 hours of TV programming.


I’m going to divide this between animated films, and animated series.

Animated Films

Yet another seemingly endless catalogue of material, dating back to the 40’s, with no apparent end in sight, as Warner Bros. releases no less than 3 animated films a year. I calculate roughly 100 hours of animated film content.

Animated Series

This one is a bit harder to nail down, but I put the count at roughly 500 hours of programming. As with the other formats, this list is sure to grow, as new animated series are developed, and new seasons of existing series are added.

Special Content

If Warner Bros. were somehow able to compile all the commercials, Youtube online, behind the scenes, and other special content from over years, I’m willing to bet it would add yet another 200 hours of content.

The content could be divided up by “Ages” (i.e. Golden, Silver, Modern, etc), as well as by medium (i.e. animation, film, etc), or even by hero (i.e. Superman, Batman, etc), which would make searching for content all the more easy.
So, how much would such content be worth? Would you be willing to pay $9.99 for monthly access to DC’s massive content library? Perhaps more, or even less?

Do you think a DC Network is on the horizon? Is it even a viable idea? Let us know in the comments below.


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I've been an avid DC fan since my early childhood. I was first introduced to DC via their animated product, but it wasn't till the mid/late 90's that I ventured into the realm of actual comics. Now, as a lifelong DC enthusiast, I look for any & every opportunity to take in DC product, be it in the form of movies, animation, video games, TV shows & the like. DC is where it's at.
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  • Ben Mackowski

    There isn’t enough content to do a broadcast network, but a Pay-Per-View channel could definitely work

  • Nan

    I personally am tired of all this independent pay services, we have two Netflix and Amazon Prime and we cut the cable years ago and I am not interested,as much as I love my DC shows in paying another fee.I’m done, I won’t even consider paying a fee for the new Star Trek series on CBS Access as much as I love Star Trek

  • Dan Blakeslee

    lol wait. people still pay to watch things?

  • The Chronicles of Ryen Clork: Ultimate Edition Factual consensus: a real Paige turner

    *It is a dark, filtered day in the broadcasting studio of Digger G. Harkness Productions. There is an all-star cast of reporters, anchors, camera crewmen and Ryen discussing the new figure appearing as of late: Dennis, who is shown on numerous tv screens spread out across the studio. There is a live audenice watching as well as millions of people at home. Critics and fans, such as Nicholas, Aldo, Nico, Fevasu, JonDoe and feck rehil, await the beginning impatiently. Footage taken by ThaLoner: Dennis roasts a cunt on Twitter and gets 100 retweets*

    Havs: We as a population on this community have been looking for a new mod.
    Ryen: Great comment
    Havs: 90% of commenters believe in some kind of kind of Norrin Radd figure. That’s from the Star Trek books, in the episode when Harry throws the ring in Mount Doom to kill Darth Vader, by the way, for those of you watching at home.
    Ryen: Great movie…… Hop he dois h DECU maevie
    *Dennis looks at “concept art” of him dragging Chris Begley on Twitter*
    Havs: And when the cunt figure comes in to our forum, we have to make him abide by Titletownrelo’s rules? Take another L while you’re watching, Title.
    Title: I will in 48 hours. I’m off to play Battlefield.
    Ryen: OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! ………I love that game!!!!!!???!!! …….. Great game……… When my mom downlooted Pimple Run on my iPad….. an ad for Bettyfeld come on for like 5 seconds soooooooo i can be a eggy person.
    Kendal: Bitch, I’m not going back to that site filled you little f*cks. G*d, you make me want to sh*t my brains out, like fevasu did when he learned how to really f*ck a man.
    *a DCEU shill on Twitter is about to be roasted by Johnsbots but Dennis carries the shill to safety, struggling at first to lift but triumphantly gets likes and retweets*
    TheRealDill: Is it really surprising that the most featured man in the world should be a figure of controver-
    *TheRealDill is interrupted by a barrage of spam videos of Battlefield gameplay, Star Trek MovieTalk and BatmanNews tweets*
    TheRealDill: Scrooge yeu geus den. Why did you have to post this now?
    Ryen: Because I can?

    TheRealDill: -a figure of controversy?
    Title: An individual engaging in these mod-level interventions should remind us all of when *gestures to a sketch of the Comedian* fought in the war as a superhero.
    Ryen: Fuck that movie. Why the fuck is he Crapton America?
    Ryen: The star and the strip threw me off.
    *the broadcasters decide to ignore his commentary*
    Havs: We have always created icons in our image. What Title’s done is project his racism on t-
    Ryen: *TOO
    Havs: Maybe he’s not some Thea or NVB character. Maybe he’s just a cunt trying to do-
    Ryen: YOU’RE MOM OHHHHHH!!!!
    *the broadcasters do their best to control themselves. El Kano, their supervisor, orders a commercial break featuring a live feed from Larry Fong. Note that Havs disappeared*
    Ryen: Night. *Ryen walks away but turns his head to see if people are noticing him, which isn’t the case.*
    Ryen *louder*: Night guys! Gotta eat! Roadtrip! I go outside. *Ryen bumps in to a tv showing “Larry Fong’s” live feed.*
    El Kano: Thought you were leaving.
    Ryen: Oh, you naticed? Ill bring out my TO guns next time. *Ryen laughs loudly as the room stays silent. Fevasu walks to the exit, blocked by Ryen*
    Fevasu: Bitch, fuck off. JonDoe is meeting Kendal for anime.
    Ryen: Not now, Karry Fong is on.
    Karry Fong: Any questions?
    Ryen: Do you no anything about Justice League?
    Karry Fong: I’m Havs, you retard.

    *the room erupts with laughter*
    Ryen: Fuck you guys. Your all traders and cyber bullys.
    El Kano: Guys, the commercial’s over. “Must there be a Dennis” is on the air again!
    *Havs, Title, TheRealDill and Ryen sit back in their seats*
    Ryen: Sorry geys….i don’t blame any of you…only dennis….i’d ban him….
    TheRealDill: Wait. You have an opinion on Dennis?
    Ryen: Fuck Dennis and his opinion.
    Havs: You realize who we’ve been talking about, right?
    Ryen: Yes. But I don’t need to worry about anal beeds (I have inserted things in my ass before).
    Title: What?
    Ryen: Loose buttholes. Remo and Patrick Bateman are traders.
    Fevasu: What?
    Nico: How the hell did you-
    Ryen: You tan about these on a gay community.
    *they decide to hold in laughter and continue with the show*
    Title: We’re talking about a guy who challenges-
    Ryen: I never left.
    Nicholas: Christ. What is with you?
    Ryen: meh??? my breadcrust anuyweo!
    JonDoe: Your broadcast?
    Ryen: Well they are talking about me soooooo
    TheRealDill: We’ve bern talking about Dennis the whole time.
    *Ryen is conflicted. He wants to remain in this environment because his mom isn’t ready to pick him up yet and he wants to show off his acting lessons at the end but he despises Dennis as much as he hates the Forever People, who, according to Havs, are from the Thor movies*
    Ryen: I’d punch him and walk away if I ever saw him. I know Taekwondo.
    Havs: Why do you always hate on Dennis? You said you wanted to ban him
    Ryen: That was then. Just because there’s evidence doesn’t make it a fact.
    *the room is once again filled with laughter. Ryen stays silent as they continue*
    Havs: So what were we talking about then? I got distracted once I saw the Court of Owls preview for Gotham. Must there be a Dennis?
    TheRealDill: Well, there-
    *Ryen posts countless videos of Gotham season 3 previews, fan theories and podcasts as the entire room groans. Dennis watches from his house as he, with ThaLoner, Gus and Don, are getting upvotes. Digger G. Harkness Productions releases a live statement that they will never attempt such a thing again. Already called a genius move by Harish and Jonathan Ng, the broadcast is to be replaced by NVB and Sam’s contest with Chris Evans*

  • flavortang

    Bring it. I will pay.