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It was recently revealed that director Brad Peyton was working on a Lobo film, sometime prior to the inception of the DC Cinematic Universe. However, the breaks were put on the project, because Warner Bros. began to prioritize their films, and Lobo was apparently placed on the back burner.

Also of note, was the reveal that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (sorry, but he’s always gonna be “The Rock” to me) was originally cast as the title character for the film, which served as confirmation for the rumors circling the internet for years, regarding both the actor and the role. As the project was apparently shelved, The Rock himself moved on to another DC role; one that many people feel is far more befitting his current celebrity status (and if you don’t know what that role is, that only means you’ve been hiding under a Rock—no pun—for the past year).

Which brings us to now. Lobo himself is an interesting character, and whether or not he receives his own solo film or not, he would definitely make a worthwhile addition to the DC Cinematic Universe. He could serve as the perfect foil for the likes of Green Lantern and Superman, and he’d bring a level of humor and bravado that could lighten things up. Therefore, out of sight should not be out of mind. Thus, although The Rock has vacated the role for greener pastures, it begs to ponder, who would be a worthy successor for the role of DC’s Main Man?

Well, recently I was speaking with my wife (we are both DC fans, as well as WWE fans), and after I informed her about the shelved Lobo project, she said to me, matter-of-factly: “you know who would make a great Lobo?”

Ladies and Gents, I present to you, your possible future Lobo:

Roman Reigns

Why do we think this would be a great choice?

He’s Got The Look


Simply put, Roman Reigns looks the part, even more so than The Rock does. With Roman, not much has to be done in terms of makeup and special effects, in order to capture the look of Lobo.He’s got the build, the features, the stature…. And even the hair!!


He’s Got The Pedigree REIGNS_04

If ya can’t have the Rock, why not have the next best thing… His cousin? His relation to the Rock has got to count for something. If nothing else, it could mean that Reigns naturally possesses that special something that made The Rock perfect for the role. Not to mention, wrestlers have had lots of luck crossing over into Hollywood. Hulk Hogan, Triple H, John Cena, Dave Bautista (whose role is probably the most lucrative of all wrestlers to date). Not to mention, Reign’s stardom continues to rise, as he’s currently a contender for the WWE championship. Thus, they’ve already considered one Professional Wrestler for the role, so it shouldn’t seem that far-fetched to consider another one.


He’s Got the Attitude REIGNS_01

There’s no mistaking, Roman Reigns is one of the WWE’s bad-asses. He’s a powerhouse that has taken on the biggest and baddest, and has lived to tell about it. He was the heart of the now-defunct Shield group and was far more physically imposing than the other members. Not to mention, he’s quite popular with wrestling fans, and that popularity usually bodes well for the acting careers of many wrestlers. And who could ever accuse a wrestler of not knowing how to act?!?


He’s Got the ArsenalREIGNS_02

The fact that Roman Reigns knows how to brawl, goes without saying. I mean, he is a professional wrestler, after all. Therefore, Lobo’s in-your-face brawling style is a perfect matchup for Reigns. Besides, one of Roman’s signature moves is already comic book-ready. I mean, what better way to punch Superman, than with the Superman Punch?

So there it is. If WB is looking for Lobo, they needn’t look very far. One of their greatest stars most likely has him on Speed Dial. There’s little doubt, at least in this fan’s mind, that Roman Reigns is as right for the role for Lobo, as The Rock is for the role of Black Adam.


So, what say you all? Do you agree, that Roman Reigns would make a great Lobo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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