Malina Weissman Has Been Cast on Supergirl


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that actress Malina Weissman has been cast as Young Kara Zor-El on CBS’ Supergirl.

It’s no surprise we may get flashbacks as Greg Berlanti shows tend to use the flashback method of developing characters. The question that comes to mind though is will this be on Earth or flashbacks on Krypton? Maybe even both is possible, depending on whatever liberties they may go with giving us.

Malina Weissman is a newcomer in the world of acting in Hollywood, only playing a Young April O’Neil (Megan Fox played the Present Day version) in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film last year. It be interesting to see how far her acting range can go or if they use her a lot.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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