Batman V Superman Visual Effect Artists Deletes Instagram


Visual effect artists Sean Ray, who works for Moving Pictures Company and had announced the other day that he had finished the 3D Creature Effects for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, has since deleted his Instagram account.

Now it’s not known what happened but in the comments of his post, he did revealed that Doomsday was not in the film and of course he could had been misleading fans. However if it was in fact true that Doomsday isn’t in the film, he broke what we know all cast and crews must sign, which is a nondisclosure agreement contract, by confirming something not existing that the studio could have used to mislead the audience and the media, the consequences could now be showing itself by the disappearance of his Instagram.

Other possibilities could be that he deleted his account to save face after all the attention he received, although this is a very weak possibility as it was already documented and usually though it’s just the thread itself that gets deleted not the account itself.

Eric Curto
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