Chris Wood Cast as Mon-El on Supergirl


As previously reported, Chris Wood (Vampire Diaries) was cast for an untitled role in the second season of Supergirl, now it’s been officially announced that he’ll be playing the role of Mon-El in the new season.

The character’s description is as followed:

Mon-El, a superhero with similar powers to Supergirl. He’s from the planet of Daxam. He was an explorer who had landed on Krypton, where Jor-El warned him of the planet’s imminent destruction and provided him with a map to Earth. He suffered amnesia upon landing on Earth, where he actually met Superboy in the comics.

In the comics, Mon-El, originally known as Lar Gand,has the same abilities as Superboy, which causes Superboy to believe they are related and give him the surname El after Superboy’s Kryptonian name of Kal-El. He is immune to Kryptonite, but has a weakness to fake Kryptonite made of Lead. After being exposed to the Lead he is sent into the Phantom Zone to help keep him from dying. When he is freed he becomes a member of the Legion of Superheroes. In other continuities he was also asked to join the Justice League of America and has even been a Green Lantern.


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