Vertigo Based Films Will Be Released Under the New Line Cinema Logo


When the slate of the DC Cinematic Universe was first revealed back in October it was reported by Sandman creator Neil Gaiman there was a reason why Sandman and other Vertigo projects were not on that list and that they were still in development, it now looks like we know why.
New Line Cinema will be the ones to handle these properties as its being reported by Deadline that with Warner Bros. slate is full with at least 12 films, it only makes sense to let New Line Cinema handle these more complex and darker characters.

It is important to note Shazam which is confirmed to be in the DC Cinematic Universe will also be distributed under the New Line Cinema banner, so does this mean that all the Vertigo titles can very well connect to the DC Cinematic Universe or is it possible we are getting two connected universes that could one day merge?

Some of the characters rumored to be in development are Sandman, Constantine, Lucifer and Preacher, with the last two already getting TV Shows, its surprising to see films could be coming as well.

With New Line Cinema being the one to handle these titles it looks as though they could end up being R Rated films, as New Line has worked on only R-Rated comic book films in the past, such as the Blade films and Spawn, yes I know Blade: Trinity is PG-13 but I’ve only seen the Uncut version.

Although it wasn’t made clear if Justice League: Dark aka Dark Universe was also part of the Vertigo/New Line deal, I would love to see two separate universes, as Guillermo Del Toro said about his Justice League: Dark script being apart of a different connected universe, this could be what he meant if this is going to be a separate universe. If that is true New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. have been very hush about it, but it also means they’ve been working on this for quite some time.

Eric Curto
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