DC Comics 2015 Highlights


2015 brought us quite a few DC monumental moments, and we at DC Comics Movies would like to highlight some of those moments.

Constantine Brought Back

When DC’s resident magic man received his own TV show, many were thrilled. The series showed lots of promise as it progressed, but alas, it was not to be, as the network pulled the plug on the show, much to the chagrin of many devoted fans. This marked the first and only failed TV effort on DC’s part in recent years.

Still, the fans rallied, and Matt Ryan’s version of the master of mysticism was not only resurrected, but also was brought into the greater DCTV fold, as a member of the CW-verse. Fans were more than ecstatic about this, as Constantine’s guest appearance on Arrow received the highest ratings of the entire season.

DC’s Domination of SDCC

San Diego Comic-Con is the Super Bowl of all Comic-Cons, and it’s the place where various studios, publishers, and the like make their mark on virtually all of comic book-related multimedia. Over the years, it’s become a spectacle unlike any other, and sets the tone for the years to come.

With that said, DC Entertainment was the undisputed champion of this year’s SDCC. They presented news and events from all across their multimedia platforms. With precious few exceptions, no other franchise, studio or publisher came close. Not only did they dominate with trailers from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, but they had a massive showing of pilots across DCTV. Add to that, the numerous comic book announcements, a showcasing of the Batman v Superman Batmobile, and a host of other things, and it’s safe to say that DC brought down the house.

Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad Trailers

Although it’s been previously mentioned, these fantastic trailers deserve their own slot on the best of DC 2015. These two trailers alone accounted for at least about 50% of DC’s trending for San Diego Comic-Con, and they made the upcoming DC Extended Universe feel that much more real.

With both trailers garnering a whopping 58 Million and 59 Million respective views, the second and third installments into the DCEU have been some of the most talked about upcoming films of 2015.

DCEU Movie Announcements

While we’re on the subject of the DC Extended Universe, there have been tidbits of announcements all year. From the revealing of Dark Universe (Justice League Dark), to the announcing of the Sandman film, to the progress of the Wonder Woman film, to Tom Hardy’s announcing of 100 Bullets, to the revelation of a solo Batman film, the DCEU is clearly growing, and as Ben Affleck himself said, it’s going to be massive.

Expansion of DCTV

Who else remembers when just a couple of short years ago, all we had as far as TV shows with the DC logo on it, was Arrow? In just 3 short years later, DC Entertainment has dominated the airwaves in the most unprecedented of ways; with broadcasting not only on several different networks, but also several days a week, and even as much as twice a night. And to top that off, we’ve also been treated to a television universe, comprised of 4 shows, with the possibility of an added 5th at some point.

Warner Bros. and DC have had unparalleled success with television programs, stemming back decades, when no other franchise was anywhere to be seen on television. And that success does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon, with a whopping total of NINE shows to have aired or will air in the past 3 years, with nearly that many more slated to come down the pipeline within the next few years.

Expansion of the CW DC television Universe

In continuing the topic of DCTV, it seems that The CW (a network co-owned by both Warner Bros. and CBS) is the place where the DC Universe has been brought to life, and in no small way in recent years. DC has managed to bring their A and B list rosters to Primetime TV in a shared universe format, something that no other publisher has officially managed to do. With rumors making their rounds that Supergirl may eventually join the fold, thereby adding even more DC star power to The CW DC Universe, The CW continues its meteoric climb to comics related stardom.

Darkseid War

The story that has been brewing since the beginning of the New 52 has hit the comic stands in shockwaves. The brainchild of DC’s Geoff Johns, the mastermind behind DC’s comics, TV shows and films, Darkseid War is not even halfway through, and it’s already proven to be one of the best comic stories of the new millennium.

The story features the Justice League’s most critical confrontation with the Lord of the Anti-Life himself, with reverberations that will resonate within the DC Universe (and possibly multimedia) for years to come.

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight: Master Race

Speaking of comics, 2015 has been the year that saw the release of one of the most anticipated stories, by one of most critically acclaimed comic book creators of all time: Frank Miller’s Dark Knight: Master Race. This time around, Miller has teamed with yet another comic book hall-of-famer Brian Azzarello, to craft 3rd act of the trilogy in the tale of the Dark Knight, which promises all sorts of twists and turns, many of which have already happened in the first two issues of the series.

With the first issue having already received critical acclaim, and to the tune of nearly a half million copies sold, to say that Master Race will be a huge hit in 2016 is an understatement. So much so, that Frank Miller has already teased further stories set within that world.

Milestone and DC reunited

One of the most surprising, yet welcomed announcements of 2015, was the reunion of Milestone Media and DC Entertainment. Announced at  2015 San Diego Comic-Con, the top brass of both companies wowed the crowd with the revelation that the long time on-again, off-again partners were once again back together.

According to both parties, the reunion promises a release of material on several multimedia fronts; new Milestone comic book stories, taking place on Earth-M of the DC Universe, a Static Shock live action TV show, distributed by Warner Bros Blue Ribbon subsidiary, and new action figures based on Milestone characters. There had even been chatter of the possibility of Milestone characters showing up in the DC Extended Universe.

More than enough to excite fans of both Milestone and DC alike.

So, what were some of DC’s greatest moments in 2015 for you? Sound off in the comments below.

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